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Chai Hopes for CBI's FUTURE

Since 2020, CBI's Board of Trustees has asked our members and community for support through our CHAI Hopes fundraiser.  Your donations have kept many of our beloved programs funded for the past several years. 

Based on the program's success, we continue to request CHAI Hopes pledges to supplement and strengthen CBI's overall operations. Thank you to all our past, current and future donors!

To support CHAI Hopes, you may sponsor a program or make a monetary donation. Program sponsors will be added to our list of CHAI Hopes Programs & Sponsors and will also be recognized as part of their sponsored event. All donations in excess of our program costs will be added to the CBI general fund.

If you plan to attend our High Holy Days services this year, all donations above $225 also qualify as a High Holy Days sponsorship, which includes reserved parking during the High Holy Days. You may also purchase additional sponsorships below if more reserved parking is needed (limit two per family until all reserved spaces are sold). 

CBI is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.
Tax ID#752825486.
Use the form below or contact the CBI Office to make your donation!

Please use the prompts below to support Congregation Beth Israel:

  • Program Adoption (Select one or more programs to adopt.)

  • Monetary Donation (Enter a donation amount. We welcome you to select a program which you would like to partially support, if desired.)

Note: Any monetary donation or sponsorship totaling $225 or more counts as a High Holy Days Sponsorship.  Unfortunately, reserved parking is no longer available at this point.   

Note: for monthly donations, this will only display the amount pledged for the first month.
We are grateful for your pledge and appreciate your support to our community!


Tue, June 18 2024 12 Sivan 5784