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CHAI Hopes                                                                     

When the pandemic first began, the Board of Directors was aware of the financial hardships facing some of our members.  Several deep cuts were made to the operating budget to ease this concern, and we asked for help through a fundraiser called CHAI Hopes.  Members, who were able, stepped forward and made donations.  While it was to be a limited-time fundraiser, the results have been so strong.  We continue to encourage people to make donations to CHAI Hopes as it helps with CBI operations.



Level 1 - $180 per month additional pledge
Level 2 - $1800 one-time donation
Level 3 - $72 per month additional pledge
Level 4 - $540 one-time donation
Level 5 - $18 per month additional pledge
Level 6 - $180 one-time donation
Level 7 – Best One-Time Donation



Use the form below to make your PLEDGE

At that same time, we added a donation opportunity called Superstar.  This lets members adopt a program for a year getting name recognition when the event is promoted (it may also be anonymous).  Six of the twelve events were adopted.  After the beginning of our new year, each of these members will be offered the opportunity to continue to sponsor the event and others will be encouraged to adopt.  If you know of other events that could be included in the Superstar program, please let us know.


Childcare for the High Holy Days - $1,250

Selichot Speaker Luncheon - $1295 *sponsored
High Holy Day Cantor - $3950
Rosh Hashanah Luncheon - $1995 *sponsored
Kol Nidre Music Interlude - $360 *sponsored
Yom Kippur Break Fast - $720 *sponsored
Shabbat Evening Music - $7200 *sponsored
Sukkot Dinner Service - $500 *sponsored
Chanukah Event - $2995 *sponsored
Second Night Seder - $4295
Shavuot Celebration - $360
Maccabia Games - $1295
Religious School Music - $2295 *sponsored
Streaming for Services - $2300 *sponsored


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Please choose how you would like to support Congregation Beth Israel.

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We are grateful for your pledge and appreciate your support to our community!


Sun, October 24 2021 18 Cheshvan 5782