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Membership Information

Membership dues provide the necessary funds to cover operating costs of the synagogue, including, but not limited to mortgages, Rabbi’s salary, utilities, social events and communications.  The fiscal year runs from August 1 through July 31. 



Membership Commitment




A Jewish adult who is not married or Jewish adult whose non-Jewish partner does not participate in CBI events or ancillary groups and children are being raised in another religion. Partner and children may attend services, but tickets must be purchased to attend High Holy Days services. Partner and adult children may not participate in CBI events or ancillary groups and are not afforded life cycle events. Single members, under 35, may defer the capital donation during the first year of membership.




Household of at least one Jewish adult and their dependent children, if any, who are being raised as Jewish or two adults who are both participating at CBI. Family members, under 35,  may defer the capital donation during the first year of membership.



 Associate Member

A full dues-paying member in good standing at another congregation in the DFW area. Associate members are not afforded life cycle events, have no voting privileges, cannot be a board member and children are not eligible for religious school. Does include High Holiday tickets.



Conversion Candidate  

Available for those who have been studying with a rabbi for conversion for at least 3 months and the rabbi determines that they are on the path of conversion.  The financial obligation for the Conversion Candidate is the same as the Individual Membership. No Capital Fund commitment is required. Upon conversion, the member may transition to an Individual or Family Membership. Conversion Candidates are afforded life cycle events, have no voting privileges and cannot be a board member.  Does include High Holiday tickets.

$98.55 $1,182.50

Additional Options




Over the age of 65,  Capital Fund Pledge is not required.

Adult child of member

Child (and his/her spouse at time of application, if any) of a member may remain as part of that member’s Family Membership until they cease to be a dependent of the member.



For those who are able to contribute more, which helps to provide dues

for those who cannot, the following levels are suggested:


Membership Commitment





Chai and a Half Member




Double Chai Member




Triple Chai Member




No one will be turned away because of financial difficulty. Any person who cannot meet the payment minimums may contact the Treasurer to request a confidential financial hardship variance form at

Paid by credit card or bank draft. Convenience fees apply to card charges.

Capital Fund

It is every member’s responsibility to participate in the Capital Fund which will be applied toward various capital requirements as established and approved by the Board of Trustees of Congregation Beth Israel.Contributions are to be paid over a period of five years. They are billed annually along with your membership and follow the same fiscal year.  The Capital Fund donation levels are:



5yr Capital Fund Commitment

Individual members


Standard Family


Senior (over 65)


Under 35

Waived first year


We also offer the follow donation options:









Charitable donations may be tax deductible. Contact your tax professional for advice.


Privacy Policy 

CBI maintains our confidential membership list for the exclusive use of our members. Its purpose is to facilitate relationships and networking in service to the mission of the synagogue. We ask that the list be used for informational purposes only. Its use for commercial or political purposes without the express written permission of the Board President is prohibited. We respect the privacy of our members and do not release personal information about them to individuals or entities outside of CBI without the express permission of the member, except as required by law. CBI does not sell or rent its list to non-partner groups or organizations.

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