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A CBI Pandemic Cookbook

Dear Friends,
As we close in on the one-year anniversary of the COVID-19 shutdowns, many of us have been reflecting on how different our lives have become under the new normal. But as vaccine distribution ramps up, and some of us have already received our shots, it’s becoming easier to think about returning to the old normal again.
Before we turn that corner, there have been several suggestions that we create a cookbook to reflect our experiences with cooking and eating during the pandemic. Sisterhood has agreed to oversee this project but we invite and encourage everyone – including children – to share recipes, tips, and reflections.
We want this project to become more than just a collection of recipes. We want it to become a historical record of how members of our congregation conquered the challenges of the pandemic. We hope that 50 years from now, or more, younger generations will be able to read our cookbook and learn how we managed and sustained ourselves during this time.
For that reason, the tips and stories you share, i.e. improvising when you didn’t have the correct ingredients on hand, are as important to this project as the recipes. Being stuck at home led some of us to become more passionate about cooking and trying new recipes or different types of cuisine.
Even if you don’t cook or are unable to cook, we hope you will be willing to share something about your dining experience during the pandemic. Perhaps you have tried something new for the first time or received something delicious from or a caring friend, neighbor, or relative.
We want to include it all.
Our current plan is to develop in a digital format that can be printed out. But if there is enough interest, we are open to publishing a hard copy version. Please let us know if there is interest in a hard-copy version.
Submissions should be sent to When you click on this email, you will see a form with what you need to include. We will also accept a word document or hand-written submissions mailed to CBI.
Please contact us with any questions, comments, or suggestions.
We would appreciate submissions by March 31. 
Thanks for your participation and we look forward to reading your entries.
Marice Richter, Sisterhood president and Amy Tenzer at
Cookbook Coordinators

Sun, April 18 2021 6 Iyar 5781