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Invocation: Jordan Elizabeth Harris Foundation Luncheon, 11/13/19

11/14/2019 11:13:25 AM


Rabbi Charlie

Over twelve hundred people are here today! You – all of you – have chosen to spend this hour focused on mental health and depression and suicide. You have chosen to help bring light to this conversation. You are a blessing. Your presence is an inspiration.

Rabbi Eric Weiss wrote the following prayer based on a passage from the Talmud (Berachot 5b):

When all seems dark and the darkness is harsh, Take my hand.

When I cannot see light even in the brightest day, Give me your hand.

When you are tired and every breath is heavy, Take my hand.

When my words do not grasp the depth of yearning in my soul, Give me your hand.

When your feelings are overwhelming or dulled, Take my hand.

When I am confused and don’t know what to do, Give me your hand.

To find the path that frees us together, Take my hand.

Let’s give thanks for this food, the Harris family and all who support them. Let’s give thanks for one another. May this meal and this time together inspire us to reach out, to listen, to share our stories, to reach out a hand, to take hold of a hand. Let our gathering inspire us to bring light to the conversation.

---Learn more about the Jordan Elizabeth Harris Foundation here:

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