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Sharing with Friends about Israel and Palestine

The subject of Israel and Zionism is often difficult for non-Jews to understand, and often harder to discuss. Claims of "Colonialism" and worse often punctuate the arguments of those who believe the Jewish people have no place in the Middle East. With some help from the Union of Reform Judaism (URJ), we wanted to provide resources on how to engage in constructive conversation about rising antisemitism across North America and the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.

"Is it Antisemitism? If It Is, Now What?" This article can help you and those in your community respond to the alarming rise in antisemitism all around us, particularly in schools across the country.

"Staying Connected with Our Loved Ones, Even When we Disagree." This is an article how to stay genuine to who you are when there are no easy answers to this complicated situation. It will be particularly helpful as families with diverse viewpoints and opinions gather together over the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

Here are a couple of videos which help to counter propaganda and false claims on Israel. First, a positive message concerning the melting pot that is the Nation of Israel:

Here is a more detailed "visual essay" on the need for Israel and the Anti-Semitism that drives claims against its legitimacy:

Thu, July 18 2024 12 Tammuz 5784